New Beginning

If you remember I had expressed my relief at not having to chase the clock but rather diversify and upskill oneself.

To tell the truth, any successful person, I have ever met, is a workaholic and I think I am one too. But a workaholic that loves her work. As the saying goes, a workaholic never changes his/her colors hence I took my own advice and traveled on new paths for self-growth.

Meeting new people helped me in broadening my horizons as everyone has a unique story to tell.

So here I am! With a new degree in hand, a new venture, and dreams in place, 2021,

I am ready for you!! ✈️

I do hope that by sharing these experiences some of the readers would get motivated and make small changes in their daily routines to be able to reach new heights.

My new venture is very close to my heart just like any new role which I took in my life, be it becoming a banker, getting married, becoming an entrepreneur, or a mother.

How many of you who read this affiliate with me and get excited about every new role in your life.

I would certainly like to know more about it. Also what motivated you to attach yourself to the new role / new experience.