Mentorship…A fad or a fact


Am sure all of us would relate to this word as we have seen a surge of coaches and mentors in every field in recent years. What is your thought process on it, is it a fad or a fact?

If I were to answer this question, I would say that every generation had mentors in the form of our Teachers, Parents, Family and Friends.

In our times when there was no Google, we depended upon these people for providing timely, relevant information often in the form of an opinion or advice.

And to answer the X generation who I am sure would argue that since they have Google, they do not need any mentors. For you guys out there please understand that though Google is there as a mentor but it does not filter nor is it a human with experience.

Mentors help you to Dream, Innovate, Create & Guide you to come up with an idea, then self-analyze where you see that idea in 6 months,1 year & 5 years.

They will teach you to find a problem and solutions to those problems through entrepreneurship.

Also, Mentoring is specific & focused and one to one not one to all. ( Barring small groups )

To conclude our debate about Mentorship being a Fad or a Fact, Mentoring has been there in the past and will be there in the future as well.