Learnings Of 2020…


I think that 2020 year can easily become the year of learning and investing in yourself. I would like to hear about your learnings this year, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If I were to talk about myself I actually had a blast as for the first time in my life I had no professional targets to take care of. I enjoyed getting back to reading, painting, and learning how to bake bread & cakes.

Want to share an image of a Chocoflan cake made by me, it happens to be a famous Mexican dessert.

Business Implications of Covid…

Many of you must be entrepreneurs like me and I would like to ask you aren’t we all wondering and stressing about the challenges which the pandemic has brought. Would really welcome your thoughts at this stage and if possible will try to help involving your concerns or queries.

Having academic qualifications would certainly help us in sailing through these times but to be able to thrive in the current era we cannot be dependent purely upon academics, we need to explore other options and work upon developing other skill sets.

Reskill & Upskill yourself…

The scenario is very different today and you have so many options to choose from and age is no bar to learn. I have enrolled my daughter who is 8 years old in a coding course, as they say, the younger the better.

Just go for what you dreamt of as the learnings of 2020 will help you in planning new paths for 2021.

Brief Info on me…

I have never been a bookworm but however, managed to get a hold of a Masters’s degree in Commerce & Business Management to pursue a career in banking. That experience helped me to co-found 3 different companies which now cumulatively employ more than 200 team members.
As a business leader I have more than 15+ years of experience and recently joined forces with FICCI to take up the role of a mentor.

For any further information, you could always email me and we could get together to help you develop a custom-made strategy for your homegrown business. See you then ….XOXO