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Services for Businesses / SME :

1. Business Strategy – We believe that every company has unique needs and one piece of advice will not be applicable to all. Our service starts with understanding your business, your needs and delivering a strategy tailored to your unique requirements.

2. Sales Services- We will help you to build a successful sales program and achieve sustainable, organic growth by providing the tools, diagnostics and benchmarks necessary for the transformation.

  • Product Management – We will help you with new product development,pricing, product launch, and marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product life cycle.

  • Customer Experience – We provide you with the market research, expertise and tools that help you to figure out what matters most to customers

3. Marketing Planning – We help you in building a sustainable plan resulting in the generation & conversion of leads.

  • Inbound marketing – It is the best way to scale a marketing and sales effort. With an emphasis on content creation, we help you to create an exceptional marketing strategy that helps to escalate your business growth.

  • Lead Generation – Traditional marketing campaigns can create spikes in lead volume, but in order to truly experience growth, organizations must create a consistent lead generation machine.

  • Marketing Automation – We believe that marketing automation tools will streamline your sales efforts and help in the effective implementation of sales strategy.

4. Learning & Development – Unique training and development options tailored to your needs (Performance measurement,Identifying training Needs through Competency Mapping,Sales staff Training, Soft Skills, Stress Management, Teaching staff)

5. Joint Ventures/ Alliances – Joint ventures and alliances can be an excellent way to boost growth. We work closely with you to maximize the value of such arrangements, and build the internal infrastructure you need to manage them to full potential.
(New Business Tie-ups, Joint Ventures)

6. Operations – Setting up policies & creating processes and then evaluating the Growth Progress,Operation audits to enhance Productivity and Efficiency. We will help in strengthening the connection between operations and strategy.

7. Digital Marketing – Setting up an e-Commerce website and Digital marketing platform for new companies.