A Guide To Build Your Baking Brand….
Me and my friend have started with our own baking set up. How do we get our first customer?

I am sure that many of you can relate to this question. I would like to share with you guys some tips, some of them which I am sure you must be aware of. However, through this blog, we can maybe scrutinize them and see if we are actually applying the so-called tips correctly or not. While on the other hand, some tips could be out of your comfort zone. These are the ones which you might need to work upon and ponder as to how to go about them.

The details of how to go about these are where our expertise will help you to get it right eventually.

As the saying goes practise makes a man perfect though am sure as women we could say that this does not apply to us we are born perfect.


Step 1 – Online Sales Tips

  • Be active on social media, but rather than browsing you need to focus on how to increase your followers. 
  • Buy promotional advertisements, 
  • Display and take beautiful photoshoots of your products,
  • Offer discounts on a day-old product and publicize it,
  • Request customers to post their reviews and tag you on social media
  • Offer free online classes to get some foot fall on your page
  • Presence on Just – Dial, all local directories
  • Google rating is another thing to be taken into consideration
  • Have a WhatsApp group of receptive customers for running offers, posting online feedback form for repeat orders as well as customer reviews and referrals

Step 2 – Offline Sales Tips

  • Give out free samples to prospective customers
  • Partner with community grocery shops or any shops which you frequently visit and feel   that you can get your product on their shelves
  • Join some business groups in which all members promote each other’s business
  • Host a cake tasting party at your place or any of your friend’s place that has a good social network
  • Partner with some salons who are specializing in wedding makeup for free samplers in exchange of your marketing materials to be given to customers
  • Distribute fliers

Step 3.General Sales Tips in regards to the baking or food industry

  • Offer free online in case of baking from home or physical classes to get some footfall on your page or have footfall in your shop.
  • You can also participate in any kind of baking competitions.
  • Do keep an eye on what your competitors are doing
  • Maybe you can specialize in one item in the starting before you expand
  • Focus on niche or untapped varieties in the market like
  • Allergy-free products
  • Locally sourced
  • High proteins
  • Smaller portion sizes

Packaging is important as food items need to look appetizing and appealing as taste comes later on.

Also, decide your target clientele for example masses or classes. A high-end clientele would mean you need to focus on high creativity as it would mean higher margins. While a mass clientele would entail having high turnover but low margins.

Never ever compromise on quality since you do not want to spoil your name before your business has even started.

In summary, you need to learn the ropes of how to handle a new business, basically, you need a strategy and tactical execution.

You may choose to hire an external mentor like us to help you with that strategy or you could even partner with someone and you could divide the strategy and execution between each other.