Sheet Metal design done right with BricsCAD

Creating new sheet metal parts or reworking existing ones? BricsCAD is your best choice. It is free of conceptual mistakes of history-based MCAD software. You will never need to restart your design from scratch, because we guarantee maximum flexibility for changing your models by combining the freedom of direct modeling with the power of feature-based design.


Create your Sheet Metal parts

Start from 2D profiles, 3D curves, 3D solids, or imported parts and assemblies. Create complex parts with lofted bends or automatically recognize them in imported geometry.

  • Create base flanges from 2D profiles
  • Create lofted bends from 3D curves
  • Make shells from 3D solids
  • Import sheet metal parts from other CAD systems

Rework your design

Rework your sheet metal part without limit

  • Add flanges by pulling edges
  • Move and rotate flanges
  • Split and connect flanges
  • Add corner and bend reliefs
  • Convert hard edges to bends and junctions
  • Switch between bends and junctions
  • Choose type of corner reliefs (rectangular, circular or v-shape)
  • Delete redundant flanges
  • Re-thicken and repair sheet metal bodies
sheetmetal finish

Finish your sheet metal model

To prepare your design for manufacturing, sheet metal parts can be unfolded automatically and then exported to 2D .dxf or 3D .osm files for further processing with a variety of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems – for nesting, cutting, and bending.

  • Unfold sheet metal bodies
  • Export flat patterns
  • Send 3D models to CAM systems