Collaborate with CAD in the cloud

Chapoo lifts CAD up to the cloud. With this cloud platform you can manage documents, assign tasks, automate processes and communicate with your colleagues. All in real-time. Reach greater heights together, with CAD in the cloud.

Upload dwg’s in the cloud including x-refs

After drawing your plans in BricsCAD, you can upload your dwg’s to Chapoo including all x-refs, straight from BricsCAD.

View and annotate .dwg’s in the Chapoo viewer

Team members who don’t have BricsCAD can still view and even annotate the CAD files in the cloud. The free Chapoo tablet appkeeps you up to date anywhere and anytime, even when you’re at the construction site.

Revise your documents in the cloud

Easily keep track of different versions of your documents with the help of revisions.

Define who gets to see what documents

Define who gets to see what documents. Create roles for the different types of participants to the project and manage the access rights for each role.