Viewport Layer Property Overrides in Bricscad V12

 That sounds a bit complicated doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s easy enough.

 Layers let us organize the information in drawings. In a site plan, we can separate the storm-water drainage pipes from the water supply pipes by putting them on different layers eg: “AC_STORM_PIPE” and “AC_WATER_PIPE”.  In a drainage drawing, we could switch off the water supply pipes.  In a Water Supply drawing, we’d toggle off the drainage.

Actually, we only draw one MODEL of the project. To get different presentations from one model, we would freeze layers in different paperspace VIEWPORTS.

 In fact, we can do more than just toggling layers on and off. We can OVERRIDE their visual properties in each viewport. First some advice: Entities like lines and arcs have properties of color, lineweight, linetype and plot style. Their properties can be set on each line and arc, eg entity by entity, but it is usually smarter to set them ‘ByLayer’. That way, all the entities on a given layer ‘inherit’ their appearance from the layer.

Open the Drawing Explorer from the Model tab.


Each layer has settings for:

  • On/Off
  • Freeze
  • Lock
  • Color
  • Linetype
  • Lineweight
  • Plot Style
  • ‘Plottability’
  • Material

All the entities on a layer will inherit those layer properties if they use the setting ‘ByLayer’. By default, these properties apply in all viewports. If the “AC_STORM_PIPE” layer is blue, drainage pipes will be blue everywhere.

In a paperspace layout tab, double-click into a viewport and THEN open the Drawing Explorer.  Now we’ll see additional columns which apply to the active viewport.

The new columns are:

  • New VP
  • VP Freeze
  • VP Color
  • VP Linetype
  • VP Lineweight
  • VP Plot Style

Here we can freeze a layer (just in this viewport), or OVERRIDE the normal appearance of a layer in this viewport. On the selected row, I have overridden the VP COLOR of my stormwater pipes to color 18.  In my pen table I assigned a thick red pen to color 18.  So the stormwater pipes will be highlighted in this viewport.  In the other viewport I highlighted the water supply pipes.


Viewport Layer Property Overrides – get more out of your Bricscad!

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