Tip: How to Add a New Hatch Pattern in Bricscad

Often, users ask us how to add a new hatch pattern in Bricscad. Hatch patterns in Bricscad (and AutoCAD) are defined in ASCII file which have the .PAT extension. Each hatch pattern is defined by a series of numbers representing orientation (angle), length of line, spacing distance etc., which look something like this:

*ANSI32, ANSI Steel
45, 0,0, 0,9.525
45, 4.490128053,0, 0,9.525

Here is how to add a new hatch pattern
If you want to add a new hatch pattern, which will become available by default when you start Bricscad, you must add it into the .PAT file.

In AutoCAD, the main (or default) hatch pattern file is called ACAD.PAT while in Bricscad, it is called as DEFAULT.PAT for imperial units hatch pattern and ISO.PAT for metric units. Any new hatch pattern that you want to add must be added to these files manually using a text editor.

By default, these files are located in two places in any Bricscad installation:

For example, on my computer, I have the two .PAT files located here:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Bricsys\Bricscad V12\UserDataCache\Support\en_US\default.pat”
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Bricsys\Bricscad V12\UserDataCache\Support\en_US\iso.pat”

Additionally, these files are also located again in the c:/Users Data folder as shown below:


To create a new hatch pattern, you must copy the hatch pattern info from another .PAT file to the DEFAULT.PAT file of Bricscad. For example, the Bricscad .PAT file does not contain the SWAMP hatch pattern that is found in AutoCAD. To make this available in Bricscad, open the ACAD.PAT file from AutoCAD (in a text editor) and copy the block of text representing the definition of the SWAMP hatch pattern, and copy-paste the same into the DEAFULT.PAT file (for imperial units) or ISO.PAT file (for metric units) in the Bricscad folder.

Make sure you copy the files into both the locations shown above (as applicable on your computer. Actual paths may vary depending on where you have installed Bricscad).

Block of text defining the SWAMP hatch pattern:

 *SWAMP, Swampy area
0, 0,0, .5,.866025403, .125,-.875
90, .0625,0, .866025403,.5, .0625,-1.669550806
90, .078125,0, .866025403,.5, .05,-1.682050806
90, .046875,0, .866025403,.5, .05,-1.682050806
60, .09375,0, .5,.866025403, .04,-.96
120, .03125,0, .5,.866025403, .04,-.96

Once you have done this, restart your Bricscad and you should be able to access the newly added hatch patterns in Bricscad.

HATCH command in Bricscad with the SWAMP hatch added

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