Tip: Does X-ref link Autocad drawings to Bricscad ?

We are often asked by prospective users whether they can load Autocad drawing in Bricscad and work on it and Vice versa using External Reference.

The answer is yes! We can load the drawing working in Autocad to Bricscad through Xref and can see the updates simultaneously

Description about X-ref:

You can link entire drawings to the current drawing as external references. Unlike inserting a drawing as a block, in which you add all the entities from the separate drawing into the current drawing, external references attach a pointer to the external file.

External references provide additional capabilities not available when you insert a drawing as a block. When you insert a drawing as a block, the entities are stored in the drawing. Any changes you make to the original drawing are not reflected in the drawing in which you inserted it. When you attach an external reference, however, any changes you make to the original drawing file are reflected in the drawings that reference it. These changes appear automatically each time you open the drawing containing the external reference. If you know that the original drawing was modified, you can reload the external reference anytime you’re working on the drawing.

External references are useful for assembling master drawings from component drawings. Use external references to coordinate your work with others in a group. External references help reduce drawing file size and ensure that you are always working with the most recent version of a drawing.


To attach an external reference

  1. Do one of the following
  2. Click the Attach Xref.. tool button () on the Insert toolbar.
  3. Choose Attach Xref .. in the Insert menu.
  4. Type xattach in the command bar, and then press Enter.
  5. Click the Attach Xref tool button () on the Details toolbar on the Drawing Explorer / Xrefs window.

The Attach External Reference dialog window displays.

  1. Select the drawing you want to attach, and then press the Open button on the Open dialog window.
    The Attach External Reference dialog window opens:


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