TIP: Direct Modeling in Bricscad, DWG CAD Software.

Bricscad reads and writes the .dwg format and offers very high compatibility with DWG CAD softwares. Bricscad offers Direct Modeling in native .dwg. Bricscad, is much more than an alternative.

Bricscad V12 Pro offers Direct Modeling in native .dwg – no conversion needed. In Bricscad® V12 Platinum you can add 3D constraints to the model and keep full control on them. Modeling in rendered mode is made easy. You can almost learn it in an hour thanks to the ‘Quad’ -tool: it reduces clicks to an absolute minimum.

The Quad tool in Bricscad, is an alternative to grip-editing of entities, offering a (much) richer set of editing operations while requiring fewer clicks, without cluttering the screen with loads of grip-glyphs.

While the Quad was initially conceived for easy and fast editing of 3D solids, in upcoming Bricscad versions the Quad will be extended to allow enhanced editing of all entity types.

Watch Demo of Direct modeling.

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