Tip: Bricscad Platinum with Quick Draw for Detailed 3D CAD solid modeling

Bricscad Platinum users can use much functionality of X-Solids as possible without sacrificing ease of use. The goal of X-Solids is to make the task of solid modeling easier, faster, more accurate and more enjoyable.

X-Solids achieve this goal by providing:

  • Advanced interactive creation of solid models;
  • Constraint-free parametric editing of solid models;
  • The uniquely powerful X-Central command center;
  • Graphical User Interface;
  • Effortless creation of 2D geometry for detailed drawings through QuickDraw.

Bricscad Platinum users can create 2D geometry from single or multiple solids via the “QuickDraw” utility. QuickDraw automatically creates and aligns 2D geometry for up to 10 views at once for easily created detail drawings of 3D solids.

‘QuickDraw’ tool can generate 2D drawings (plans, elevations) from your solids.

  • Creation of geometry for up to 6 orthographic and 4 isometric views

  • When using QuickDraw with “Front By” as View or UCS the projections are now correctly displayed.
  • QuickDraw hidden lines no longer duplicate existing visible lines.
  • QuickDraw hidden lines now have lower draworder than visible lines.
  • Added QuickDraw default layers QD-Hidden and QD-Visible.

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