The best AutoCAD® alternative

The best AutoCAD® alternative

  • Reads and writes .dwg natively
  • Looks, feels ald works like AutoCAD®
  • Very affordable
  • ACIS® Modeling, VBA, Solids and more…

Bricscad is our latest AutoCAD-like offering – So similar in look and feel that if you’re an AutoCAD® user you’ll embrace this new software in just minutes – and it offers unparalleled compatibility with all your existing AutoCAD® .dwg files. Basically, Bricscad looks feels and works like the AutoCAD® you know but without the price tag. It even supports hundreds of applications originally designed to run with AutoCAD. So, rather than upgrade your existing AutoCAD why not give Bricscad a go.

The combination of DWG™ compatibility, recognizable interface, real day-to-day support and a reasonable price for new licenses and upgrades are key in this success. It makes Bricscad the best choice for replacing AutoCAD® licenses or adding a lot of seats to an existing AutoCAD® environment.

3D Parametric Solid Modeling

  • X-solids captures the history of solids as they are created, allowing parametric editing of these solids at any time. Any primitive parameter can be easily changed.
  • X-Tools and QuickDraw allows to form complex composite solid shapes and automatically creates and aligns 2D geometry for up to 10 views at once for easily created detail drawings.
  • X-Hardware Extended 3D library with parametric objects of all kinds – nuts, bolts, screws, pins, and more – are instantly created or resized at the touch of a button.
  • ACIS kernel performs fast solid modeling operations and accurate hidden line removal.

Features Summary

New Features

  • Dynamic Blocks editing
  • Rendering Engine
  • PDF underlay
  • Super fast lay-out switching
  • New style grips and dynamic input
  • Layer preview
  • Regeneration performance improvement
  • Memory usage decreased with 15%
  • Programmable mouse buttons

Key Features

  • Highly compatible with DWG 2010 file format.
  • Support for DWG versions 2.5 to 2010.
  • Associative Dimensions.
  • Reference Edit.
  • Powerful Drawing Explorer.
  • Consolidated Settings Manager.
  • Fast LISP engine with +450 VLAX functions support.
  • Highly compatible ADS/SDS API (Windows only).
  • Highly compatible COM API (Windows only).

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