STRAD is a unique tool for Structural Analysis and Design of 3D Concrete Frames:

Structural Designing is basically subject of civil engineering and it depends up on structural engineering. Structural Designing, the word itself suggest that when we are doing construction of any building, malls, bridges and dams then we have to first design the structure of that particular construction. When we are doing any construction, we have to be very careful about stability and safety of that construction and it should be analyzed by structural civil engineers.

Structural Designing is a very complicated field but on other hand it is very much creative also. But it requires higher level efficiency and knowledge. In this field you require more efficiency when you are doing construction of residential building and other big construction. You need good and proper planning for resistant of loads and external forces. Civil engineers closely observe the situation and prepare a proper strategy for construction. In their strategy they will try to make a construction strong enough to resist from loads and other natural external forces.

Structural Drafting is defined as a process of converting the building’s design calculations and structure drawings into detailed and descriptive drawings. Accurate and high quality renderings of the drawings are required to be created so that the people who are actually involved in the construction of those buildings can easily understand what they have to do. Naturally, this is a very highly skilled discipline and very much in demand.

In today’s highly evolved and fast paced world, structural drafting services have greatly increased in demand. Use of several software programs (like CAD software) to render these detailed structural drawings has also been on a rise. These computer aided design software have created a high level of accuracy within the process of rendering the plans and structural drawings. Along with these high quality drawings, one can also use these software programs for getting more detailed information using their built-in documentation and reporting functions.

STRAD is a unique tool for Structural Analysis and Design of 3D Concrete Frames. It has a friendly 3D CAD environment, a powerful finite element analysis engine performing both static and modal (Eigen value) analysis and a reliable design module for concrete members, highly customizable to accept parameters of the seismic code of your choice.

4M STRAD, the structural design vertical of the 4M BIM suite includes the latest European codes for reinforced concrete structures and seismic consideration which are used in GT.STRUDL from Georgia Institute of Technology, another 4M development partner.

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