STRAD expands with the finite element analysis program (FEA)

STRAD’s philosophy is the free access of the user to the majority of analysis and design parameters. The engineer may follow the auto program flow for simple structures analysis, whilst, for complex ones, may interfere in all stages. The program provides for all required checking and documentation of the solutions. The results (stresses, deflections, reinforcements, moment envelops ea.) are graphically displayed and printed to file or printer for all building elements.

The computational core of STRAD expands with the finite element analysis program (FEA), which automatically discriminates the plane parts of the structure into plane finite elements and solves them (perimeter underground walls, building cores, slabs). This way, the structural engineer can achieve a high standard solution of complex structures. The finite elements net can be easily modified in the AutoCAD environment to describe voids in structure. Also, the possibility for designing of load-bearing masonry, according to Euro code 6, that has been described and solved by STRAD, exist


* Comprehensive structural design and analysis of 3D concrete frames —
multi-story buildings to complex 3D structures

* Finite element analysis for static and modal eighen value calculations

* Includes design module for concrete members and comprehensive
material libraries

* Easy, form-based data entry/viewing for parameters, including for
analysis and seismic codes

* Automatic generation of formwork plan and member detailing drawings

* Integrated with 4M multi-discipline BIM suite

STRAD combines the scientific completeness, the speed derived from advanced computational and programming techniques, the ease of use with much automation that help to quickly input the design study data and the automatic production of the final drawings and reports. The program is addressed to engineers who demand correct simulations and solutions as well as engineers working on basic projects. STRAD provides them with all powerful tools in order to quickly and safely reaches to the final drawings production.

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