STEEL Structural software helps in coordination of design

Modern Industrial and Structural design projects are handled using advance BIM techniques. For coordination between various engineering disciplines, designers can utilize softwares to integrate all of the process and structural details into a shared general arrangement (GA) model. This model can easily enclose various point loads or hanging loads such as piping, electrical conduit and cranes across the frame.

The use of BIM structuring made the process of collaboration among the architects, MEP engineers, fire protection contractors, construction managers smooth. Some of the penetrations were done before the erection of steel models; the others were done after the steel structure erection was over.

STEEL Structural software helps generate cost estimates and bill of materials during the initial phase.

Because of the dynamic nature of industrial project, the design solution at the beginning will be entirely different by the end of project. A 3D model allows engineer to quickly explore various design options and produce a visualization to help choose the best suitable solution. Since the model also render structure design results, the engineers can get a quick understanding of the structural needs for each design and its impact on equipment integration.

Use of 3D modeling for industrial project helps designers enhance design quality and productivity. With 3D modeling design tasks proceed quicker than conventional approach. It works as an exceptional communication tool between the designers and the contractors and for coordination between varied disciplines.

When changes are required after the completion of analysis, the designer can update the 3D model with the revised structural components and view the effect on the entire structure.

BIM structuring ensured proper participation of the development team, the owner of the project in the project. Moreover, a clear BIM design projected a clear design with a clear view of the architectural spaces. A clear view offered by the BIM model and its small size of the files developed in STEEL models help the project team members. The BIM procedure led to the 3D modeling of the construction. Solaris building has a quite a complex structure. Had there been no BIM models, things would have proved to be hectic for the design team. The owner and the design team literally got a clear geometric of the entire construction.

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