Olympic Projects designed by 4M Suite, 2D/3D BIM Suite

4M Software has been widely used for the design of most of the Olympic Projects in Athens 2004, by a large number of consulting engineering firms, involved in the design and construction process during the preparation period (1998 till 2004). Because of the large scaling and the complexity of those Projects, there was a special need for reliable and high-efficiency software tools, specified as below:

  • Powerful CAD engine, for working directly on the real 3D model of the project
  • Reliable calculation models, embedding a rich methodological background with valid standards, norms and regulations.
  • Ability to handle large-scale projects (large file drawings, voluminous data tables etc)
  • Interaction between the Architectural/Structural/Mechanical aspects of the projects, in order to facilitate the cooperation among the Architects/Civil Engineers/Mechanical Engineers
  • Easy communication and document sharing among the designers and engineers involved in the design process (i.e. dwg files for drawings, xls for tables, doc for documents and so on)
  • International profile and characteristics (multilingual versions, international standards etc)

All those requirements, were absolutely complying with the 4M Suite philosophy, explaining the reason of its extensive use in so many Olympic Projects. The 4M Verticals FINE, IDEA, STRAD and STEEL, not only have been used in many Olympic Projects, but also during all the stages of their design process (feasibility study, final study, implementation study) in many cases. Some of those Projects are shown in this paragraph, followed by a short description and the name of the respective engineering firm. There are divided into three categories:

  • ElectroMechanical Engineering Case Studies that have been carried out through FINE software package
  • Structural Analysis design studied with STRAD & STEEL programs
  • Architectural Design and Photorealism, rendered through the professional CAD IntelliCAD and the Architectural Package IDEA

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