Linux-specific sysvars in Bricscad V12

 Bricsys  launches Bricscad V12 for Linux. Since the Linux version is so similar to the Windows version — 2D and 3D constraints, direct editing, quad cursor for just $675 — I thought I’d just list for you the names of system variables specific to the Linux version:

Allowtabexternalmove — Allows a tab to be moved externally
Allowtabmove –Toggles whether tabs can be moved
Allowtabsplit –Split tabs
Autosavechecksonlyfirstbitdbmod –Ignore all but first bit of DBMOD for autosave
Middleclickclose –Close tabs with middle click
Showscrollbuttons –Toggle scroll buttons
Showtabclosebutton –Show Close button on tabs
Showtabclosebuttonactive –Show Close button on active tab only
Showtabclosebuttonall –Show Close button on all tabs
Showtabcontrols –Toggle tabs visibility
Showwindowlistbutton –Toggle window list button
Tabcontrolheight –Tab height in pixels
Tabsfixedwidth –Fixed width tabs

The references to “tabs” are Excel-like tabs for quickly switching between drawings, and the the reference to “window list button” is a button that lets you move Bricscad to another workspace. (Linux comes with four workspaces, by default — something Mac users know about, but probably not most Windows users.)


More info at http://addadvantage.in/bricscad-v12-2d-cad-software-features

TIP: If you want to try out this software, but don’t want to dedicate a computer to Linux or even bother with a dual-boot system, Bricscad V12 for Linux mostly works running in a virtual machine, such as Oracle’s VirtualBox. I recommend Mint Linux.

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