Is autocad still the best? what are the advantages of Bricscad pro over autocad?

In terms of CAD software autocad has long been the industry standard, however with the advent of other CAD platforms such as bricscad pro.

The first advantage is in regards to price, and when using CAD for landscape design etc, you may find that it is cheaper to use Bricscad pro, which enables you to modernize you CAD for a fraction of the cost of autocad.

Bricscad is also packed with functionality, and offering both 2D and 3D DWG based CAD, which means that rather than losing some of the functionality associated with Autocad, with Bricscad you will actually be gaining functionality.

On a similar note, Bricscad is also “upgrade friendly” which means that you will never be left stranded with an outdated CAD platform, and instead Bricscad gives you the versatility of regular updates.

Also, just because Bricscad Pro is different to Autocad it doesn’t mean that your left with incompatibility issues, and in fact Bricscad offers an Autocad-compatible programming platform, which means that your existing applications and autocad pligins can still function effectively.

In fact, top developers are now recognizing the importance of Bricscad as an important CAD platform and are offering their existing Autocad plugins on Bricscad, which means that where once Autocad was the industry standard, now the industry is recognizing the importance of other platforms.

Whilst you might assume that making the transition to Bricscad is not viable, this really isn’t the case, and all the benefits that you will get from transferring to Bricscad can be achieved through a relatively quick and easy transition – in fact, users can make the transition from Bricscad to Autocad in one week or less!

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