HVAC Contractors, Can you answer them all?

Customers will really looking for the qualities in an HVAC system repairmen and Tend to ask these Questions in the Interview.
1. Do they have experience with your system? – It’s also important that the company has relevant experience with your unit. This way, you are assured that they know and understand what to do and not to do.

2. Do they have character references? – These people will give you an idea if the company and the contractor were able to deliver quality service. You can ask these people if the company in question was able to do a good job and if they were able to finish the project in a professional and timely manner.

3. Can they provide you with cost estimates? –  Remember that the cost may vary from one company to the next and a very low price doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to provide good services. So be very smart in comparing the prices and their services. A quick call to the list of references they provided you would give you an idea of their performance.

4. What are the brands that they carry? – If you have a preference for a certain brand, make sure that you hire the company that carries this brand. This only means that they understand how the brand works inside and out.

5. Do they have service contracts? – Make sure that you enroll in their service contract program. But what is it really? This means that your HVAC system will regularly be checked, maintained and serviced by the said company.

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