How Relevant Is 2D CAD Software

The invention of 2D CAD software was just as revolutionary for the building industry as the invention of wheel was for the human race. The professionals in the industry were forced to go on previously with a snail’s pace with paper and ink manual drafting and design process, but the advent of 2D CAD software changed all that. The manual process was painfully slow and tedious, and even the slightest error or alteration often required the whole drawing to be redone. All that changed almost overnight.

Benefits galore:

CAD software has made the creation, modification, analysis and optimization of design more convenient and less time consuming, making the design and drafting process far more enjoyable and attractive. This computer program increased the productivity of design professionals, improved the quality of the design process by offering more flexibility and freedom, improved communication through more efficient and faster documentation, and provided a more dependable and interactive database for all the stakeholders.

The next generation software:

Even though 2D CAD software took the construction industry to a new height, new innovations were inevitable. The industry would of course move further ahead and something even better and more efficient than 2D CAD would take its place and 3D CAD software was the next logical step. While two dimensional modeling was faster and more efficient than the manual process, it was still just a better variation of the old system. 3D CAD modeling introduced many more features and gave an unprecedented flexibility and freedom to innovate and experiment so that a whole new world of creation became possible. It enabled the designers to view the design from any conceivable angle, making out conflict between various elements became easier, and communication with clients became much more convenient.

Still relevant:

Does it mean that the advent and wide usage of 3D software has rendered 2D CAD software irrelevant?Certainly not. Free CAD download requests show that is not the case. You still need 2D drawings for a number of purposes including the actual construction. All the advanced CAD softwares incorporate both 3D-modeling and 2D-modeling capabilities. Successful products like BricsCAD and ZWCAD etc offer the features of both two and three dimensional modeling to facilitate a smooth workflow. So 2D CAD is still very much relevant in the present context.