Alibre Design: Parametric CAD Software with BOM.

Using Alibre Design, we can also create 2D drawings and Bills of Material from either parts or assemblies. Alibre Design is fully associative, which means

Why you need to know about ‘BIM’?

The BIM Context Large building projects are complex. They involve a diverse supply-chain, working across distributed locations, each carrying out discipline-specific activities to an agreed

BIM in construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing data about the building, during its life cycle. Typically BIM uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic


Installing Bricscad for Linux

Now that Bricsad for Linux is official and not just beta, I thought I would try it out again. As I noted in yesterday’s post,

HVAC Contractors, Can you answer them all?

Customers will really looking for the qualities in an HVAC system repairmen and Tend to ask these Questions in the Interview. 1. Do they have


Alibre Options: Using the Hole Tool in Alibre Design

Automatically place and set dimensions for the holes in your designs. Alibre Design’s Hole feature allows you to create standard holes (i.e., counter bore, countersunk,


FINE-ELEC: An Integrated Computer Environment for Electrical Installation Projects

FINE-ELEC is an Integrated Environment for Designing and Calculating Building and Industrial Electrical Installations. FINE-ELEC makes all the required calculations of any Electrical Installation directly


Building Information Modeling: A Valuable Tool for Home Builders

The BIM Approach The BIM Modeling poses enough benefits to the owners. It helps the home builders and developers visualize and analyze the project before


Alibre Design Tip: Using Design Values in a Bill of Materials.

Use parametric values to update changes to the design automatically. In Alibre Design, you can include parametric values used to create your designs in your

Is autocad still the best? what are the advantages of Bricscad pro over autocad?

In terms of CAD software autocad has long been the industry standard, however with the advent of other CAD platforms such as bricscad pro. The