Bricscad V12 (Classic or Pro Customers): Can we try the Platinum Features?

Yes, you can try Platinum Features in existing Bricscad Classic or Pro licensed user, suppose you are using an older Bricscad version can at any time install Bricscad V12 in trial mode. In this mode, Bricscad runs as a Platinum version (without VBA).

If you are an existing Bricscad Classic or Pro V12 licensed user, the Bricscad Platinum menu is visible, but you can’t access them. You need a special Platinum license key to test the features of Bricscad Platinum, while you are already licensed for Classic or Pro.

Send a Support Request to Bricsys at this URL:


Bricsys will send you a Platinum license key. This key enables you to try the Platinum features for a limited time period (30 days).

To enter the Platinum license key:

 1. Start Bricscad version 12.1 or higher.


Window Vista and 7 users: you have to run Bricscad as administrator (Right-click – Run as administrator).

2. In the “Help” menu, select the “License…” option. The “Licensing Information” dialog opens.


3. Click the “Modify…” button. The “Enter License Key for Bricscad” dialog opens.

4. In the “Key” field, enter the license key and click the “OK” button.

5. Close the “Licensing Information” dialog and re-start Bricscad.

Now you are ready to try the new Platinum features. But, please be aware that Bricscad is now running on 30-day Trial mode, which means no VBA available in this Trail mode due to licensing regulations, even though you may be a Bricscad Pro user.

Once the Platinum key expires, you can re-enter your Classic or Pro license key and go back to your original configuration.

To re-enter the key, repeat steps 1 to 5 above.

If you forgot your Classic/Pro key, you can find it in the Bricsys Meeting Point area


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