India is a growing economy and a huge user-base of CAD is involved in surveying, GIS base map creation, infrastructure management, utilities etc. Many of the businesses in this sector are small and medium enterprises with modest budgets and operate with competitive margins.

Traditionally, CAD software licenses and maintenance costs have been very high. We believe that software costs should be affordable to all kinds of businesses and see a perfect fit for Bricscad in these segments.

Bricscad V12 is probably the best AutoCAD® alternative platform offering a complete and recognizable feature set to professional users. Bricscad V12 reads and writes the native DWG™ format and offers complete compatibility with AutoCAD® files.

Basically, Bricscad looks, feels and works similar to AutoCAD® but without the same price tag. Bricscad even supports hundreds of applications designed to run with AutoCAD®. It is the fastest growing .dwg-based CAD software and is recognized as one that has close to 200 third-party add-ons running on it.

Familiar user-interface, commands, menus, names and procedures and the use of industry standard .dwg format and supporting files like LIN, DXF, PAT, SHX make interoperability between AutoCAD and Bricscad much easy. No loss of data, no translations – all native support for each other.

Bricscad aims to provide users with a familiar CAD user interface. It has been written entirely from scratch with native, original code and comes from a company that defines its own roadmap. It is not IntelliCAD-based software.

Bricscad is written using OS-neutral code and is available on Windows and Linux. A Mac version is planned for Q4, 2011.

Bricscad is a Belgium company with long traditions in developing design software. The team of developers has more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record delivering top notch CAD technology. Today Bricsys is a global provider of engineering software, a powerful and affordable alternative to AutoCAD.

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