BricsCAD, a DWG CAD Software: Endless Possibilities

BricsCAD, a  DWG CAD software was an innovation that gave a whole new perspective to the professionals in the design industry. Erstwhile manual design and drafting system didn’t allow the designers to visualize in three dimensions and even 2D CAD software was only marginally better as it was just a faster, more efficient alternative for the previous technique. However, with DWG CAD software to assist, designers can now play with shapes and forms like never before. They don’t need now to think and draw in two dimensions first before trying to convert their designs into three dimensions only to find at the last moment that they are not feasible.

A revolution:

When some of the earlier 2D designs were converted into 3D by using CAD software, people were shocked to find out that there were hundreds of errors or conflicting components. The new age DWG CAD made it possible to think and design directly in 3D and it is easier to ascertain the viability of the design or find out conflicting components even as the design is being developed.

A galaxy of amazing features:

Modern day DWG CAD software is so rich in intelligent features and powerful tools that just anything is possible working with it. If you are using a product like ZWCAD, BricsCAD India or Cadian, you can accomplish tasks like making freehand curves and shapes, extruding lifelike 3D models from 2D designs, making accurate 2D drawings from 3D views, showing lighting effects, inserting objects and components or preparing attractive presentation drawings with lifelike renderings with ease and dexterity. The software has changed the lives of the designers presenting a whole new world of possibilities to them. This is however, just the beginning looking at the speed with which new innovations are being introduced making CAD software better and more powerful each day.