Breaking Barriers With 2D CAD Software



2D CAD Software is nothing less than the fresh morning breeze for the design professionals, it has liberated them from centuries of tedious working hours bending on a drawing board. These professionals are painfully aware of how tiring and dull the manual paper-and-ink drawing process can be, but 2D CAD software has thankfully changed all that now. Working becomes much more convenient and less time consuming and editing and alteration even more convenient using the computer aided software. You don’t need now to make a drawing afresh even when small alterations are to be made to the design. The software provides tools that even allow auto corrections by connecting entities so that all the connected entities can be altered if some change is made to one of the entities. It’s truly a revolutionary step forward for the design industry.

Powerful tools:

The modern day low cost CAD software like BricsCAD and ZWCAD etc offer many powerful tools that help you improve your workflow and produce breathtaking drawings. Intelligent features like drag-and-drop tool make the drawing work very convenient allowing you to simply paste so many components at the desired location, saving so much precious time and effort. Similarly, features like color editors and rendering tools help designers and draftsmen prepare presentation drawings in hours that took days to make in the days of manual drawing process.

Additional benefits of 2D CAD Software:

The new-age 2D CAD is full of powerful and innovative tools and features. It allows calculation of quantities and materials that is equally helpful for architects, engineers and contractors. You can now obtain these quantities even as you are developing the design. Such features keep both the designers and clients updated about the requirements and cost constraints.

There is no doubt that the present day 3D CAD software offers even more flexibility and freedom, but this doesn’t render 2D CAD irrelevant. Many organizations and individuals need to work in two dimensions only, buying a 3D software is nothing more than a waste of money for them. In addition, 2D CAD is easier to handle and much more inexpensive than its 3D counterpart.