Alibre Design: Parametric CAD Software with BOM.

Using Alibre Design, we can also create 2D drawings and Bills of Material from either parts or assemblies. Alibre Design is fully associative, which means that the parametric cad software capabilities propagate through the parts, assemblies, 2D drawings, and Bills of Material. This means that if we modify a parameter in one location, the models are updated everywhere that parameter is used.

Most assemblies are made up of individual parts as well as subassemblies. This is usually considered to be a “best practice” because it means that the parts in the subassembly only have to be assembled once and they can then be inserted as many times as needed into other assemblies. When a Bill of Material (BOM) is made of the main assembly, by default all of the parts that are used in the assembly will be listed individually.

When you change the Parameters in any of the modules it will get reflected in all the modules for that particular object. Once changes made in the particular module in a part it has to be saved to update the same in all other Modules of Alibre Design or in any parametric cad software.