AFFORDABLE – POWERFUL – EASY, 3D CAD Software, Alibre Design

Alibre Design is a user-friendly access and 3D CAD software on the market. For a fraction of that cost, it provides parametric modeling Solid Modeling, assemblies, associative 2D drawing and detailing.  All-In-One package.

Increase in no time your development efficiency with user-friendly features. Take your existing data or drawings such as e.g. DWG / DXF generate 3D models from 2D drawings automatically and run on it.

Alibre Design already received by way of allowing the price-competitive and risk-free transition to professional, fully parametric 3D.

Alibre Design 2012 is easier to learn than ever before. The complicated, multi-level menu is a thing of the past (though still accessible if you want it). Replacing it is a beautiful new toolbar that’s been rethought from the ground up with excellent features like graphical tooltips that explain how to use each feature and show you what it does.

Construction of the prototype can be costly and time consuming. With a 3D solid modeler create unnecessary precision virtual prototyping that certain tests using a physical model. A virtual prototype allows the view from all angles and details, measurements, weights and inertia characteristics to make any cuts on the object, the overlaps, to simulate motion and produce high quality images even by rendering modules for promotional purposes.

For trail, download Alibre Design 2012.


For details on Alibre Design 2012.


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