2D CAD Software: Dawn Of A New Era




2D CAD software brought smiles to the faces of so many professionals who were kept busy working day in and day out by the paper-and-ink manual design and drafting process. It was such a tedious and cumbersome process that took ages to complete a single drawing.Things became even worse if any alterations became necessary as virtually the entire drawing had to be redone in that case.However, 2D CAD software changed all that almost overnight.

2D CAD software ,Fast and accurate:

2D CAD has made the design and drafting process amazingly fast and accurate.Accuracy and efficiency are virtually at your fingertips now. The new age interior design software and drafting software provide so many powerful design tools, so many intelligent features, working becomes a pleasant experience.

Unprecedented power:

2D CAD software gives an unprecedented power and freedom to the users, improving the workflow and encouraging to experiment and innovate. One can now create associative entities, if one entity is altered, all the associative entities will be automatically changed accordingly. The high quality products like BricsCAD and ZWCAD etc provide features like in-place text editors, color editors, and rendering tools that can help you create accurate working drawings and striking presentation drawings. Afeature like drag-and-drop functionality can enable you to paste hundreds of components at desired locations in your drawings enhancing the quality of the drawings and saving your precious time. The best thing about 2D CAD is that it is so feature rich and yet it’seasy to use, thus even the beginners are able to learn working on it, and experienced persons can work more efficiently and dexterously.

Still relevant:

2D CAD software is still as relevant as ever even though many users have now switched over to 3D CAD software. 3D DWG CAD software is much more expensive and everyone actually doesn’t need the features offered by it. Many organizations use 2D software on most machines and keep 3D software on just a few to fulfill their requirements.