2D CAD Software: Breaking New Grounds


For architects, draftsmen and other design professionals used to working with their backs bent over their drawing boards, 2D CAD Software was like the fresh morning breeze. They had spent ages using a manual paper-and ink process that was extremely tedious and cumbersome, 2D CAD software changed that almost overnight. Working is far more convenient and less time consuming and editing and alteration even more convenient with the modern-day computer software.

2D CAD Software,Revolutionary changes:

The new-age 2D CAD software has brought some revolutionary changes to the working of the design professionals. Unlike the traditional paper-and-ink process, there is no need now to make a drawing afresh even when small alterations are to be made to the drawing. Powerful products like Cadian, ZWCAD and BricsCAD etc even provide auto-correction tools that allow all the connected entities to alter when some change is made to one of the entities. It is truly a revolutionary step forward for the design industry.

Powerful tools:

Modern-day drafting software incorporates some very powerful tools and intelligent features to help the professionals improve their workflow. A feature like the “drag-and-drop” tool helps make the drawing work very convenient as so many components can just be pasted at the desired location, saving precious time and effort. Similarly, color editors and rendering tools help designers and draftsmen prepare breathtaking presentation drawings in a jiffy, drawings that took days to prepare earlier. The software also does jobs that were earlier unthinkable, one can now calculate the quantities and materials, making life easier for professionals like architects, engineers etc.

Still relevant:

It’s true that 3D CAD software offers even more flexibility and freedom of expression now, but 2D CAD software is still very relevant. Every organization or individual doesn’t need to work in three dimensions and spending exorbitant amounts on products like AutoCAD etc is not advisable. In addition, it’s easier to handle a 2D CAD software than the complex 3D software. Free CAD download facility by many companies allows you to choose your product after taking a first-hand experience.