2D CAD Software: A Big Leap Forward

2D CAD software was a novel and exhilarating phenomenon for design professionals after adopting for centuries the manual design and drafting process. The paper-and-ink design and drafting process used earlier was very slow and painstaking but 2D CAD software changed all that almost overnight. The users got a new freedom that opened a whole new world of possibilities for them. This new way of working offered a process that made the design and drafting process faster and more accurate and reproduction and editing easier and more convenient.

A revolution:

The computer software changed the face of the design industry so completely as was beyond even the wildest imagination a few years earlier. It introduced many amazing features that helped users get rid of unnecessary human errors. Unlike the manual drafting process, now there was no need to make a whole new drawing even for small corrections or alterations.All the connected elements could now be automatically altered once some changes were made to the original scheme.

Still in demand:

It’s true that the designers now have greater possibilities with 3D CAD software that allows them to conceptualize and work directly in three dimensions, but this hasn’t made 2D software irrelevant or obsolete. Two dimensional drawings are still required for all the practical purposes, and 2D Modeling capabilities are included in every top 3D CAD software. An interior design CAD software wouldn’t be effective if it doesn’t have the facility to design and draw in 2D. It should allow the user to obtain Two dimensional drawings conveniently from the three dimensional views and to develop 3D views from the 2D projections.

Free CAD download:

Most companies offer the facility of free CAD download for trial for a limited period. So you can download good software like BricsCAD and ZWCAD etc and try them to see if they meet your requirements. A good 2D CAD software has multiple features that help you improve your workflow and produce brilliant designs and top-class drawings, it’s a big leap forward from the days of manual process.