About AddAdvantage

Add Advantage is a leading CAD software distribution company with Pan-India presence. With a strong sales and support team and years of CAD experience, Add Advantage has a vision to provide CAD users with alternative software. We believe in “Customer for Life” Philosophy & assure our customers of excellent sales and after sales support.

BricsCAD is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price.

The user interface allows for modeling and designing with unmatched speed.

Why you’ll love BricsCAD
Full function 2D/3D dwg-based CAD
Advanced 2D tools and 3D direct modeling
Compatible programming platform
Suite of Third Party solutions
Industry-leading support and compelling price

Key Features of BricsCAD
3D Drawing
BricsCAD offers 3D Direct Modeling Assembly modeling,3D constraints Sheet Metal,Generative drafting.

BricsCAD provides Chapoo connectivity,Assembly modeling,Dimensions and Annotating,Annotative Scales Multi Leaders.
BricsCAD provide an interface which contains Quad,Updated interface, Settings manager,Drawing explorer,Attribute management,Sheetsets Manager,Layer explorer and filter Block manager.

Get Better Products to Market Faster at a Lower Cost with Geomagic Design Geomagic Design delivers comprehensive and robust mechanical CAD design solutions, allowing ideas to go from concept through to manufacturing and production for professional engineers, makers, students, consumers and hobbyists.

Geomagic Design

Turning ideas into the best products they can be is why you’re in business. Whether that means it’s lighter, faster, stronger, less costly, more beautiful, less wasteful, or all of the above. Geomagic Design’s creation environment provides you the tools to design, analyze, and refine your product until it’s perfect. Learn more.

Geomagic DesignElements

Geomagic Design Elements contains the essential functions you need to design amazing mechanical parts in 3D, prepare 2D drawing documentation, create photorealistic renderings and more. Learn more.

SprutCAM comprises a powerful machining simulation module, allowing to simulate the processing on any machine-tool, preliminarily generated on the basis of its kinematic scheme and solid model. The possibility of machining simulation allows to optimize the processing technology according to criteria of labour intensity, tool life time, safety of the equipment and others. In the process of simulation the user checks visually the whole process of the part machining taking into account the motions of all the executive and subsidiary devices of the machine. Moreover, the system automatically marks the program blocks, where collisions or inadmissible cutting conditions are detected. SprutCAM delivery package comprises a set of machine-tools, including practically all types of metal-cutting equipment (more than 50 kinematic schemes).

  Stabilized import of formats: IGES, DXF, STL, VRML, PostScript, Parasolid text, Parasolid binary,

  Rhinoceros, Sprut Models, SolidWorks, Step.

  Unrestricted complexity of a geometric model and on the number of elements 

  Full support of solid, surface, grid and curvilinear geometric objects 

  Correct machining of gaps and seams between surfaces 

  Analysis and automatic correction of faulty surfaces

  Spatial transformations of the whole, or parts of the model 

  Measurement of a geometric parameter of a model or its components 

  Creation of curves by projecting onto a flat plane, the external borders of 3D model or, its separate surfaces 

  Interactive creation and controlling of coordinate systems